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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well, it seems I have a little egg on my face.  I had asked Maribeth Schmit to post a picture of her quilt that won an honorable mention at the Des Moines, IA AQS Show.  Maribeth told me she had trouble getting the picture to post and told me to go ahead and take it off her website and post it for her.  It seems I copied the wrong quilt.  The one that won an honorable mention is the quilt above.

My apologies, Maribeth, for the error.   Everyone please join me in congratulating Maribeth for this lovely quilt.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


MAY 19-22, 2011

In an effort to give former WQI members and other quilters an opportunity to come together to enjoy each other's company and spend some time quilting, we are offering a 2 1/2 day retreat at Covenant Harbor Retreat and Bible Camp

If you have not been to this facility before, please visit them at

Covenant Harbor is located on the shores of Geneva Lake in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  The atmosphere here is tranquil.   There is a public path that follows the shoreline for it's entire 20 plus miles.  It is a great place to take a walk or just sit near the shore and meditate.  The sunsets can be breathtaking.

The food here is second to none.  The rooms are comfortable hotel style rooms with a private bath.

It's a great place to come before the summer gets into full swing and your projects take a back seat to your summer activities.

Please consider joining us.  We will have some pleasant surprises for you if you do.

For registration and pricing:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hey! What’s happening in your quilt world?

After 30 years of nurturing and educating quilters, Wisconsin Quilters Inc. is ceasing operations as of December 31, 2010. While this is in some ways, a sad happening, it is also a time to celebrate our past accomplishments.

In an effort to give former members and other quilters an opportunity to stay connected and share experiences, we have set up this blog.

We are anxious to hear from any and all of you whether you are in Wisconsin or another part of the world. Do you have something to show us? Do you have a new technique you would like to share? Have you had a sad experience we can help you through? Do you need someone to help you problem solve? Whatever is on your mind or in your heart, we would like to hear about it.