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Friday, February 15, 2013



I just finished this Double Irish Chain about a month ago.  It was a gift for friends who had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  We met and had lunch yesterday and I gave them the quilt.  I am sure that it has gone to a good home and will be treated well. 

Sounds kind of silly doesn't it.  Like I'm giving them a living thing. But after you've spent quite a lot of time working on them they do take on a personality of their own.

This quilt was one of the most heavily quilted items I have ever done.  Not quite so large.  It measured about 85" x 85".


There is a stacked heart design in the middle of the block and there is a double heart and my own feather design in the border.  There are straight lines running through the chains.

Hopefully it will last for another 50 years!

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