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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


After working on the quilt for the Walworth County Childrens' Alliance, I thought it was time to do something a little more simple and smaller.  

We are bringing a new generation into the world.  My great-nephew and his wife are expecting a baby in early September so I just finished this baby quilt a few days ago.

What you see in the background is a whole cloth quilt that hasn't quite been finished yet.  I stopped working on it so I could complete the quilt for the WCACC.

I am going to visit a former co-worker whom I have not seen in years.  She is now 88 years old and lives in Dothan, Alabama. I decided to make this dresser runner from Joanie Zeier Poole's book "Elegant Machine Quilting" and will take it to her as a token of  our friendship.

The image is difficult as it is made with white fabric and stitched with gold thread.  I took a close up image of a portion so you could see the detail of the trapunto.

It was a refreshing to do some simpler smaller things before I complete the next large project.

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