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Friday, December 27, 2013


I spent four days retreating with five good quilting friends at Woodland Ridge Retreat facility in Downsville, Wisconsin in mid-November.  This is the new facility that opened last October and is owned and managed by Chris and Mark Daly.  All six of us were VERY impressed with the accommodations and the work rooms...adjustable tables, adjustable chairs and wonderful lighting.

Back in 1993, I had made my daughter a patchwork jacket.  She had asked me about three months ago if I would make her another one as she had lost weight and the old jacket was pretty well worn and too big.  I started this jacket that weekend.

AND, I FINISHED it a week ago.  The picture below is of our daughter in this new jacket. She will not really be able to wear it until the weather warms in the spring but I wanted to complete it and give it to her before I started my next big project.

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